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Is your sleep being disturbed? You may be a victim of demonic oppression.

There are demonic agents that oppress people in their sleep and make it difficult for one to wake up from night…it is usually like a heavy load is placed on you…”- Murphy Jemba, BrillaFM  AOP


I often explore possibilities of events and how our lives would have turned out had earlier events taken a different route. A key question I ponder: what are the contributions of the African Witches to the present economy? Nothing! Gossip, mischief? Yes!!

One of the knotty issues is the operations of the African witches. So many powers arrogated to them little evidence to corroborate their existence.

A curious trend is how jobless and mischievous these demonic agents are…indeed; some of the sobriquets of the devil—their master, are: He who has eyes but whines with the nose; He who owns clothes but adorned with tattered mud…chief of all, he who wraps a 100yards of cloth but finds it insufficient for covering. The forgoing reveals an economy of waste!

How do you explain a witch at the risk of being caught, flew all the way from his/her home only to come and sit on your head? Turns out a lot of people have something to say about it:

Testimony 1: My brother that thing is real o…Those people will just sit on your head and will not allow you to wake up. My pastor said, when witches are around they won’t let you open your eyes until they’ve gone.

Question: What is the economic (Spiritual) justification of a witch just sitting on your head? Are you saying these witches just left their home just to come have a sit-out on your head? How did you pastor come to the knowledge of their modus operandi?

Testimony 2: Hello Murphy! That thing happened to my guy in Lagos and even when he was posted for service to another state they followed him there too.

Question: Haba brother! So, witches are now so keen on your affairs they relocate with you? To what end?

Testimony 3: Murphy, if I tell you wetin witches do me ehn? One day they just sat on my head I couldn’t stand up to take a pee. The next morning, I met myself in a soaked bed.

Question: Since, when did bed wetting become a job prescription of the demons?

All the callers corroborated the oppression story but on a further reflection you see a nation of people silently suffering with mental health issues. A lady caller even alleged that her Teddy bear woke up in the mid of the night and attempted to rape her.

Why I have my questions about the operations of the demons – there existence or otherwise, these peoples’ testimonies left me with more questions about the state of their health.

So, this is a shout out to all the demons out there to take on more productive enterprise. I can’t imagine with all the tales about their prowess, they only use it to sit on peoples’ heads and make them bed-wet.


Please, share your experience with me. Have you been oppressed by witches or demons before? Do you believe in their existence?