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Many a time, we muse on the resplendent qualities our lives will take if certain situations could equate another.

The frequencies of dreams are active yet we are stuck at a tuner and fed with lurid details of ‘Why we shouldn’t?’ We are soon given to the grasshopper’s life: hopping, leaping and ducking at every beckoning challenge.

But, if we have to make a difference, we should be bold enough to step out; meet head-on with the situations— for they hold the seeds of our promotion.

What’s the status of your relationship, what’s that step towards your goal? Do you need to learn a skill and establish new alliances? Be bold, be courageous, reach out and grab the moment.

Take charge!


One of the first things I learnt when defining professionalism is the necessity to pay attention to small details. A professional would go the whole hog to put the slightest unperceivable disproportional object in its right place.

Our life changes the moment we reckon that those little things count a lot.

Check out your office environment today, are your files well arranged; is the desk flag standing properly; hope you did not miss potting the trash you aimed at the bin a while ago? Get up; put it right—that’s the path to a planned life-style.

Be Motivated.