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Eran Iya Osogbo

Credits: Randy Mazie
Credits: Randy Mazie

On a clear moonlit night Saratu was returning home. At the porch to his house two goats ran out at his approach. He made a feeble attempt to catch at one; fumbled, staggered and fell.

He swore at the palace that Eran Iya Osogbo had attacked him viciously; they were executed that night.

Iya Osogbo died forlorn without her goats.

Every night, the bleating and stampede of goats haunted his sleep, and he daily nursed his regrets by Mama Osogbo’s graveside. Until one of them showed up.

In a community where work is sparse, myth becomes a preoccupation.


Eran  means Goat [in Yoruba language spoken by the south-western Nigeria]

Eran Iya Osogbo means the goat of a woman from Osogbo [a cultural town in Nigeria]