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I tender these words

As a collateral for your heart


I tender to you, these words of mine

Take them, run with them as thine.


For you

This is to you

Whose sighs punctured the rhythm of the nights

Whose burden depressed the mattress

Whose tears drenched the pillowcases

May this console the loss you’ve found

May your faith find substance in your fate

May this be to you what I couldn’t say or do

Friday Fictioneers


Copyright – Rich Voza
Copyright – Rich Voza

Dean is opinionated.

That’s the first point of conflict in our three-week old relationship.

It felt like heaven sharing those precious moments with him, but who doesn’t want to be respected for their worth?

To him, life is choosing between white and black. Either we agree on his points or we don’t.

If he were here on this solitary lawn, he would probably choose the between white and red. But then, there’s the blue.

Through summer’s peep, autumn fell in flecks of grey upon the meadows. I smelt the winds and knew where I belong.




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