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Photo: Rich Voza
Photo: Rich Voza

Stationed here, I’ve seen people come and go, sharing hugs, kisses and tears. I have seen the exchange of spine-crushing embrace, cold withdrawal and dejected returnees.

Today, a couple cuddled in my presence, one sought every reason to pick at the partner’s hem, the other looked nervously around.

Nothing unusual here travelers turn out in different shades and mood.

Only, my memory will not lie still.

A week ago, she was in the embrace of another, sharing hugs, kisses and tears. Flecks of promises flittered around.

I am stationed at a departure lounge: I see the frailties of man.

This story is a contribution to the Friday Fictioneers at Rochellewisofffields’ blog. Where a crush of writers are inspired by a photo prompt to express a story in 100 words. Please, click the linky icon up here to find other stories


Life comes to us

In two shades

Man and woman

Love and hate

Spring and autumn


Between them

Sex, kids and money

Lust, passion and sobriety

Seed, harvest and famine


As if you didn’t know this

You do and so do I

Yet we seek a blend of shade

Neither here nor there

That, my friend,

Is where our problem lies

‘L’ for Life’s Choices (Friday-Flash-Fictioneers)

Life’s Choices

‘I wanted you to see beauty before you go’ he said genially

Johnny looked around momentarily ‘That’s kind of you executioner, I love the sight of it’

 ‘Pity you may be seeing it a last time’ he said tersely

‘My death is as sure as egg is egg in your hands’ Johnny replied calmly

‘With you I would rather be liberal. Would you rather jump into the manhole or walk through that tunnel?

Johnny tossed the proposition in his mind. Both are surely for death. I will rather a familiar devil; a jump or a walk: who knows what either held.

He flipped into the manhole.

He started up from the dream, still in his cell.


This is a sequel to Johnny waits to die and the conclusion is well developing. Thanks for reading.

This is at once a contribution to the #AtoZChallenge and for the regular Friday Fictioneers cafe at Madison Woods’ Blog visit her to get a potpourri of  thoughts inspired by the photo prompt.