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Seasons of my life
Seasons of my life

When seasons come in undulated waves

And winter sprays its chilly gray

When the face wears the autumn’s doom

And the heart lumps in summer’s rage

My spring rides on thoughts of you

My warmth, stolen from your bosom

My countenance, charged at your wink

My songs reverberate from the melody of your gigs…

Being Single again

Don’t get me started:

You know how insecure

I am in your arms

How lonely I become

In your presence

How far I go

At your touch

How I glow

By your side in the dark

How I need a redemption

From your addiction

How I need a space

Not scented with your smell

A food not mixed with your sweat

A life outside of your senses

An ‘us’ spelled without a ‘u’!