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You’ve got a Mail!

I strolled across the globe

For a taste of life

And found many cuisines

Among its people

I had a taste of affluence

And its aroma of acquaintances

But my appetite got bored

I had a sip of places

And its tipsy impersonality

But my bud got soured

I had a crush of people

And their citric culture

But, this too purged me

I head back home

To the lusciousness of your memories

To the savoury Imprints of your touches

To the sumptuousness of your thoughts

To the echoes of your laughter

To ravish the last vestige of our life together

And this was satisfying beyond words

Then I found a line from you

There from a corner of the world:

With love from Manila!

***I saw the movie, whose banner you see up there, recently and loved the concepts…it expresses how I feel logging on to my blog and seeing comments and likes from all the wonderful folks I have been privileged to meet at the wordpress level. Manila, is originally the title of the poem dedicated to Sassy, who is a hell on heels, and her beautiful Country and people ***