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The reckless impunity of the youth

Is a prized possession

If you know what’s good for you

Don’t grow up


Our hearts are loose; Imaginations are wild

Heads roll through wanton paths of life

If you know what’s good for you

Keep your youth


Fear is conquered in mocked laughter

Reasoning is mute, where experience counts less

If you know what’s good for you

Guard your heart


Why want to grow and become old?

In it are vices of life: wisdom, hope and love

If you know what’s good for you

Don’t grow old


Wisdom brings only the knowledge of evil

Never the ability to do good

Hope keeps your nose to the grindstone

A surrogate life you’ve got there

Love, a terrible foe

In life you’ll never make a fair choice!

Farmer’s Sons—FridayFictioneers


‘Nosa, don’t touch it, it’s mine!’

‘But you only saw the damsel and me the host’

‘It’s still mine, damsel brought it for me.

‘You’re only a god unto flies and not their hosts…’

I wrestled with him for a share too but Papa intervened as Solomon unto the women.

He held the lemon to our eyes and lifted his cutlass from its shield.

Papa sliced through a section of the booty to reveal a colony of worms…

‘What a fly could forgo man should not die for’ Papa added as a moral for us.


What do you think of these snaps of dialogue? Was the allusion well delivered? Lemme know, Please!


This is a contribution to Madison Woods’ #FridayFictioneers activity. Other interesting takes on the photo prompt are logged in her blog…Please, hop in for a read.

F is for Flash Fiction

Photo Prompt

…a spark cracked at the next attempt with the stones and the laid shrubs caught the fire. He set the swallow to roast.

He took a helping of it and savoured its taste with delight. Opening his eyes, a butterfly buzzed over the stream, to the applause of his eyes and he heard his last words.

‘You must not imprison beauty no matter how innocently; let beauty as truth roam freely’

He set a foot to the temperate of the stream, a cool breeze caressed him but the sparrows wailed in the distant background.


This is also a contribution to the #AtoZChallenge and for the regular fictioneers cafe at Madison Woods’ Blog