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Life comes to us

In two shades

Man and woman

Love and hate

Spring and autumn


Between them

Sex, kids and money

Lust, passion and sobriety

Seed, harvest and famine


As if you didn’t know this

You do and so do I

Yet we seek a blend of shade

Neither here nor there

That, my friend,

Is where our problem lies

Moremi’s Triumph [Historical fiction]

“Moremi entered the town of Ife, after six months in captive. Drums heralded her approach along with a thousand amazons.

“Living was stalled for a brief moment to reconcile reality. A woman has achieved what a legion of men couldn’t in three years against the Igbo-ora people

“Her son rushed off to her embrace in sheer delight but Moremi burst into tears amidst the merry of the day. In seven days, all shall see the tears as beyond the delight of happiness.

‘Grandpa, why would she cry if not for happiness?’ Moremi

‘Let’s just say, she has a greater task ahead

My grandpa was a good story teller. He keeps a piece of information obscure until reason tells you more or curiosity pushes you to dig deeper.


Moremi was a Yoruba heroine who saved her people of Ile-Ife from extinction from a belligerent tribe. The image uncannily looks like hers to me. Click the link to read a short piece of this hero and what she did.


This has been made possible by the goodwill and fervent addiction of Rochellewisofffields and her creative gang of writers who converge weekly as the Friday Fictioneers. Click on the Linky Icon to read greater stories…