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We Play To Win empowers and develops youth with First Hydrocarbon Nigeria on Children’s Day

Benin City, Edo, Nigeria – May 27th, 2013 –) We Play to Win, in conjunction with First Hydrocarbon Nigeria Company Limited (FHN) has today celebrated Children’s Day in Benin City by hosting a youth sports camp for young women.

We Play to Win (“WPTW”) uses the power of sports and physical activity to inspire and empower, strengthen the young women within impoverished communities, particularly within Africa. The NGO focuses on emphasizing the power of health and wellness; development and education; community involvement; and empowerment and spiritual enrichment.

FHN, the lead sponsor for the event, collaborated with We Play to Win to uplift and empower the female population in Benin City.  We Play to Win is an international non-governmental organization that aims to use the power of sports and physical activity to inspire, empower, strengthen and develop impoverished communities, with a focus on young women. Together with FHN, they seek to address, unify, and empower disenfranchised populations and demonstrate how sports can have a positive impact on the lives of young girls by helping them develop a positive self-image.

Kasia Muoto, the president of We Play to Win, said, “It is important to inspire people early on and teach them the basics about their true value.  I am impressed with the vision and commitment to the local community’s social development and wellness.

FHN Chief Executive Officer, Mr Constantine Labi Ogunbiyi said, “We are pleased to be taking part in the Benin City Youth Development and Empowerment Sports Camp.  At FHN our values support providing guidance and empowerment in order to equip people at all walks of life with the confidence to effect a positive change on their surroundings.”

We Play to Win has had several projects through which they sought to impact the lives of young children through some sports. These initiatives serve to help the children learn how to make positive life changes, and to have healthier lifestyles.

The event took place at the Paragon Demonstration School, and hosted one hundred young girls, and featured workshops around leadership development, goal-setting and visioning, and health and wellness. The camp concluded with a “Winner’s Circle” ceremony, where participants were awarded with medals intended to serve as a reminder of their personal commitments to their growth and development

Rites of Passage [Historical Fiction]

I have heard about the journey. I have doubted its existence. I had pondered why a brother would take his own captive.

But here, it’s happening to me.

The Arochukwu priest chants cleansing incantations as we go through the last place to be called home, the corridor to the after-life as we know it.

“Is this all to the initiation rites?” a teenager asked, looking back at me.

The Passage
The Passage

I pondered where such thoughts came from…

“Yes, hope you’ve had a time of your life?”

“Times have changed; Papa told me different stories from this”

Sure. We are captives of our own clan. We tugged on to a waiting ship.


This is an account of the slave trade era. The much taunted Atlantic Slave Trade, Where African were as culpable [if not much more] as their European counterparts. The story sets in an Eastern Nigerian village, where the Arochukwu Priests (Custodians of Customs and Religion) witch-hunted ordinary men to sell as slaves.


This has been made possible by the goodwill and fervent addiction of Rochellewisofffields and her creative gang of writers who converge weekly as the Friday Fictioneers. Click on the Linky Icon to read greater stories…


The reckless impunity of the youth

Is a prized possession

If you know what’s good for you

Don’t grow up


Our hearts are loose; Imaginations are wild

Heads roll through wanton paths of life

If you know what’s good for you

Keep your youth


Fear is conquered in mocked laughter

Reasoning is mute, where experience counts less

If you know what’s good for you

Guard your heart


Why want to grow and become old?

In it are vices of life: wisdom, hope and love

If you know what’s good for you

Don’t grow old


Wisdom brings only the knowledge of evil

Never the ability to do good

Hope keeps your nose to the grindstone

A surrogate life you’ve got there

Love, a terrible foe

In life you’ll never make a fair choice!