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If I die today

If I die today

Cry not all day

Had you cross my way

You’ll know I lead a life that really pay

If I go unfulfilled

Take solace, I have reached the peak of the hill

Though, in death, I swallow a bitter pill

Yet let my memory be still

In death I shall achieve

That which the world wouldn’t give

Your love, wouldn’t I the more receive

Lasting peace lays in eternity, I believe.

What Has Money Got to Do With This?

I woke up this morning thinking about money. What is the real place of money in human’s daily relational experience? Some have overemphasised it to their own peril while many had underestimated it unto their own perdition, too. A few plays the ostrich as I do: knowing the place of money but trying to covet as little as possible to lead an idyllic existence.
How far can we go in search of money and things only money can buy? How real is money as an equation for all life’s permutations?
On this day, coupled with happenings in my own life I feel I should share my thoughts on the use of money. I hope I will be surprised to find my inner self on this piece.
First, there was a person that I loved and to please her was the only article of my pursuit.
I promised her a life of holidays. My happiness was to paste smiles on her lips and perfume her memories with colourful days.
I went after money to afford a good life. I had pictures in my head that would take fortunes to replicate in reality. The more I tied my life to seeing her happy the more I was convinced I had to make more money.
Unknown to me, the article of my pursuit was being estranged from me by my consistent absence from her world. Unfortunately, when I felt I had had enough and could take the first step to impress the image in my dreams on the tablet of her memories. All I had was memories of yore—she was gone!
This story reminds me of the saying that human lose health to chasing more and use the money so gotten to buy back health.
But, does this mean we languish in penury and lack? For all matters, money is the seed of greatness. Our pursuit of happiness should be based on those things that make us feel great and money should be the natural fallout of such endeavours. Some now covet money for money’s sake, how else can a soul be more miserable?! While others despise money for its evasiveness, can there be more forlorn soul save these?

Money, for me is a benchmark of success in my life’s engagement and to see it at a higher scale delights me beyond all treasure. And, Women are generally the highest substance of my creativity. With one around me i can break the more riddles than odyssey! However, I think the combination of both is a winner any day. So, in whatever you do get money [it can actually buy you wisdom] and wherever you go take a woman!

Greed has surfaced with new euphemisms—entrepreneurship, budgeting and such other executive nuances. People in the name of one or another of these mete out callous policies in the wake of global meltdown.
Parsimony is on an individual scale. Unnecessary frugality of a party between lovers is commonplace today. Sexes in relationships are as guilty as the thieves on the sides of Jesus in this regard.

I think the only medium of love is giving; the principal of all being money, followed by trust and time.