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You give me fever

High and low in the days as

Summer drums nigh.


Iron Wall

Caught in the middle of it all

Barred from my village by this wall

Unity our virtue, given a great fall


Stranger what brought you here?

Don’t cross, so you don’t ere

Boy: Look, and see my scar


They didn’t come cowing around

I’v got my own share on this ground

Tell: Bismarck was here, roaming this wall’s surround.


Dear Writerly Pals, I couldn’t do a story today because of a saddening news I heard yesterday but I came up with this form of Haiku –let me know what you think of it, anyway. Thanks!

This story is a contribution to the Friday Fictioneers at Madison Woods‘ blog. Where a crush of writers are inspired by her photo prompt to express a story in 100 words. Please, click to find other stories.